As AF90, Andreas Födinger writes the songs, plays all the instruments, and produces everything himself. What follows is pure entertainment. Resulting in an eclectic blend of contemporary funk and distinctive pop music, drawing inspiration from the Talking Heads, Dua Lipa, Fela Kuti, and The Police. The first few singles have already caused a sensation on Austrian and German radio stations, including a top-10 placement in the FM4 charts.

FM4 writes, “AF90 writes his songs according to the motto ‘go big or go home’ and has therefore indulged in a live band that others can only afford after going platinum (‘This is my very cool band!’). That’s already pretty impressive. Up there is someone who has understood the smallest and some of the biggest secrets of pop.”

With a sound that is both familiar and fresh, AF90 is quickly making a name for itself as the rising “next big thing” in the world of contemporary art-pop music.