On this seven-track mini-album 'Big Business,' Födinger takes charge as he write and plays all instruments, and produces a vibrant mix that nails his individual craziness and expansive understanding of pop history. With cleverly composed references to the industry, he

With MUCHACHO, AF90 drops a lively, high-energy, and incredibly infectious new single. The track seamlessly navigates between high-speed hip-hop, a genuine celebration of individuality, and seamlessly incorporates the Talking Heads into the current cultural zeitgeist. Never before has the act

"Buy My Art Before I Die" reveals some of the smallest and some of the biggest secrets of pop and brims with excitement and energy. Andreas Födinger, a.k.a. AF90, is no longer a stranger in the Austrian pop scene. As

In his newest release, AF90 skillfully navigates the realms of the past, specifically addressing the collective romanticization of shared experiences. Delving into the necessity of these encounters, the song seamlessly weaves in references to pop culture icons. AF90's artistic acumen

Critically engaged with the surrender or loss of responsibility. That's perspective. "Television Bubble Life" is succinct with fewer words, ironically and cynically getting straight to the point. Capturing the essence of the 80s from the present perspective.