About The Release

Ever fascinated by galaxies and the stars, Liz gained a lot of inspiration by observing the sky.For her debut album, she explores the world of inner self and outer universe, as well as its relationship to one another.This aerial feeling is translated into sound, turned into distinctive dreamy compositions, and recorded for her debut album‘Introspection’.While being taken on a journey high up to the atmosphere and gently back home, her melodies travel on layers of spheric guitars, gleaming vocals, and oscillating synths. In this conceptional work, she tells stories about experiences & feelings that come along with living on Planet Earth. Adventures await, as well as challenges to be overcome.

The debut album ‘Introspection’ is about observing the inner state. Eventually, these emotions can’t be told in words only, and that’s exactly why Liz started creating music in the first place.“I feel at peace when I play music. It’s a form of expression that works on a deeper level, and a language that connects people in a unique way. Before I started composing music, I had the feeling that something was missing.”Most of the songs were written in the bedroom, and Liz tries to keep that intimate vibe on her recordings.

Label: siluh records
Release Date: 27/10/2023


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